Book Review - Sexy Little Knits

Sexy Little Knits : Chic Designs to Knit and Crochet by Ashley Paige

Knit and Crochet patterns for summer pieces including swimwear, tank tops, dresses, and shorts.

Divided into three sections:
  • Bikinis and One-Piece Swimsuits
  • Dresses, tank tops, miniskirts, and short-shorts
  • Camisoles, bathrobes, and sleepwear.
I love the idea of knitting sexy garments and so I was looking forward to getting this book. I mentioned it in a previous episode as an upcoming book. However, when I received the book, I was disappointed.

There are some cute designs in this book, but unless you are a size 2 and have a model body, I don't think many people will be able to knit many flattering garments from this book.

These are the kind of patterns that you would probably knit for yourself rather then as gifts since they require pretty accurate close fitting body measurements. And you would probably need to keep trying them on while knitting them.

The only pattern I'd consider knitting for myself is the bathrobe. However, it calls for a lot of expensive yarn. Plus I'd rather spend my time knitting garments I'd wear out in public such as socks, scarves, and cardigan.

This book would make a better coffee table book for its unique looking designs and fashion models then as a source of knitting patterns.

Posted 7/03/2006 - Book Review - Sexy Little Knits

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